Call for Papers

International Conference on Pervasive and Data Intelligence [ICPDI 2021] solicit papers in the areas of Computer Science, Information Technology, data science and all the relevant disciplines to a common forum. Novel and unpublished research papers highlighting specific research domains from all viewpoints are invited from researchers and academicians across the globe.

Following are the topics of interest but not limited to:-

Data Science Techniques

♦ Big Data and Data Analysis Models
♦ Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
♦ Distributed Data Platforms
♦ Data Visualization and Interactive Data Technologies
♦ Multimodal Data Analytics
♦ High-Performance Data Analytics
♦ Deep Data Analytics
♦ Big Data and Social Networks
♦ Data Intelligence and Security
♦ Network Analytics and Data Optimization

Data Intelligence

♦ Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics
♦ Collaborative Data Intelligence and Analysis
♦ Data Intelligence and Analytics for Knowledge Management
♦ Intelligent Data Forecasting and Innovation
♦ Neural Network Applications and Process Mining
♦ Edge Computing for Data Intelligence
♦ Sustainable Data Analysis
♦ Predictive Data Analytics and Decision-Making
♦ Data Intelligence in Real-time Applications: Industries, education, healthcare, smart grid,
autonomous systems, social network analysis, and so on.


♦ Data Analytics in Healthcare
♦ Industry 4.0 and Autonomous Data management
♦ Predicative Data Analysis in Smart Cities and Environment
♦ Semantic Web Technologies
♦ Social Web Search, Mining, and Data Analytics
♦ Data Security, Privacy, and Trust
♦ Big Data in Education
♦ Multimedia Data Mining and Analysis